And you can describe the faculty,Appeared on time during class,Once get out of class is over,I can’t even see the ghost。Away from downtown,Lack of transportation,I don’t know how these people came out,How did you leave。

This case,This is the first time Li Tianchou met,I don’t really care,But there was a psychological shadow on the class from the beginning,An inexplicable rejection can never be controlled。
Variety of courses,All-encompassing,But chaotic and fragmented,Existing seemingly ordinary macro-disciplines,Including behavioral psychology、Current affairs politics, etc.;There are also deep into a certain field、Common sense knowledge and information,There are simple diplomatic procedures and etiquette when meeting dignitaries from various countries;There are also complicated and unusual things,such as,Comprehensive personal analysis for a political figure,From age、height、Hobby、To tackle all aspects of personality and family,Varied。
There are also courses related to geopolitics,Mixed with history、Ethnic and religious content,Boring and boring;of course,There are even more exotic courses,Such as in folk fortune telling、Divination is widely spread、Something called superstition,Was also spoken by a teacher in the classroom,And full of emotion,Li Tianchou was stunned。
The common feature of these teachers is that they talk freely at the beginning of class,And ignored the students’ questions,Until the end of get out of class,I just closed my eloquent mouth,And turn around and leave,Not at all muddled。
The difference is that,Some teachers follow the script,Read the lecture from beginning to end;Some teachers don’t read textbooks at all,Self-care preaching,Often play endlessly,Or impassioned,Intoxicated,Or as an old monk chanting,Hypnotism。
But the most headache for students is,Textbooks that are often as thick as half a finger,Some teachers can finish all the lectures in two or three classes,No trace ever since,Treat the confused students as computers or child prodigies。How others experience,Li Tianchou can’t manage,But I haven’t eaten a book for a long time,Naturally like chewing wax,Miserable.
What’s worse,All courses will be tested after three weeks,Such a flood of indoctrination,Ghosts can pass the exam!Li Tianchou slandered like this,But I had to bite the bullet and nibble on the handouts,He can’t see the instructor’s sarcasm,Even more reluctant to stay for another three weeks,It’s enough to have this time。
Although most of the content is temporarily incomprehensible,But with Li Tianchou’s physique different from ordinary people now,Almost memorable,A lot of thick textbook content has been moved into the head abruptly,And then slowly digest,Seems simple,Actually extremely painful。
Fortunately, this painful process is not long,Although impressive。
After barely gnawing a little and a half of the textbook,Pain reached its limit,Li Tianchou for paper、computer、Mobile phones and other things that contain text have produced strong rejection,Even nausea and vomiting,He also had mental stagnation and hallucinations。
This experience is short,But Li Tianchou would rather go on the battlefield desperately,Don’t want to come again。After taking a breath,He was so uncomfortable,Enduring the inexplicable sadness and grabbing a textbook。Okay,Vision has reflection on text,So I started reading aloud,No matter if you remember it in your head,This is still the way the teachers in the village taught me when I was in junior high school,It seems to be quite effective at this time。
that’s it,I don’t know how long I have been reading,Li Tianchou, with a hoarse voice, suddenly found his head empty,The invisible pressure all around has disappeared without a trace。
The barrier of perception is easily broken at once,The limited space of consciousness is as vast as the sea,The brain that was once thought to be filled is now invisible,Like a small boat in the sea,Unremarkable。
This feeling is very subtle,Indescribable,I have no impression of what I have just read,At this moment, it happened to be very clearly printed on that Ye Xiaozhou,Feel free to consult,And will not be blurred and missing。
In surprise,Li Tianchou couldn’t wait to pick up a heavier handout to read,The once boring content can be seen in ten lines,And there is no barrier to understanding,The content that I have read was quickly copied and printed as before,No omissions。