“alright, alright,Xiao Li,They are also truth,Can you not loan or don’t loans?,After all, it is an interest rate loan to recording your confidence.。

Of course this record is just a record, there will be no problem.,But according to our older’s thought, it is still not loan without loans.。
I heard Xu Lai Fu also said this.,The following is that there is still something that is not very daughter, and it is immediately followed.。
“Yup,I agree with the village head.。”
“Um,Xiao Li.,We are not unwilling to be your guarantor,If you have no money,I first stood up and gave you a guarantor.,But now a very obvious question is that you have money.,so” I haven’t waited for it later.,I can’t say it by Li Hui’s eyes.。
“hehe,Since it is said to have said like this,Then I will not say anything more.,Listen to the elders,I have a million way yourself.。”
“but,Mechanic road needs workers,I have to hope that I have to help my long-term help.,Of course, one million roads are ready to repair the village.,As for the worker’s work, there may be,I also hope that you can help me.。”
I heard that there is no pay,Many people present in the scene have changed again.。
But this time Li Hui has not continued to be used to everyone.。
“hehe,If no one works,That one million, I will not repair the way.,I can take this million to other places to contract the land.,Develop,I hope that Grandpa Xu will think about it for the predecessors.。”
Li Hui said this,Su Qing is also hot and iron:“Correct,My opinion is the same as Xiao Li,Originally, I plan to help Xiao Li donated 500,000 to Xiao Li Xun Road.,It seems that it is still completely unnecessary.。”
Say this,Su Yuguo took directly with Li with the wind.。
Looking at Li Hui Rong and Su Choose Back,Everyone in the scene is stunned.。
None of them did not think that Li Hui Feng actually said that he could not repair the way.。
Xu Laifu is also a shaking of a scene that is just now.。
He feels necessary to clean the leadership team in the village.,It is completely a fact that it is not enough to lose。
“Are you satisfied now??
Xiao Li people have wanted to loans to the village.,I heard people making money.,Everything is full,Then you can do not use the guarantor.,You can not be light,I don’t have much to say this.,After all, people are selfish。”
“but,People, Xiao Li, will not make you don’t loaned.,Use the money to make money to repair the village.,It’s nothing more than letting you mobilize friends and relatives around you don’t pay for the way.,You are not willing to do this like this simple matter.?
The family is a little, a million is a dry.?
In order to give you money?”
“Xiao Li doesn’t owe you.?
Don’t think that I don’t know if Xiao Li has just returned, let’s say what people in the village.,But so that Xiao Li, this child is still a lot of unselfish, and it has been to repair the village.,The boss of the most critical and small Li, people who have added 500,000 in the face of Xiao Li.,How many things can you do??”
“Today, this matter you go back to think about it.,I want to tell me.,If you want everyone to walk together on the flat cement road to mobilize,If you want to continue this way,Then I will talk to Xiao Li, let him not waste the money.,Where is people who have a million to eat a spicy?。”
Xu Laifu does not give the opportunity to refute everyone,After the finish, I went out.。
Li Hui did not know that he would be big and thunder after he was gone with Su Chang.。
However, these things are not too much to manage,After all, he still wants to repair.,But by those people in Zhao Dashan gave it.。
This scene today is also letting Su Chang know that Li Hui is not so easy to compromise.,Of course, he also knows that Li Hui is very valuable.。
The village is so waiting for him.,He still didn’t say something hard to listen.。
The same thing is going on him,Then he will definitely explode the blood of the dog who is present today.。
“Xiao Li,If they always insist on paying money, do you really plan to change??”
“Hey-hey,how is this possible,I am just a feeling today.,In fact, give money is a matter of heaven.,But I can’t let them ask them.,In that case, they will not be half-point grateful to progress.,If they can agree not to pay,I still will give money.,Even a day gives 50 pieces,They will feel my good.。”
“But I promised to have a payment at the beginning.,Even if it is one hundred days,They will feel this.,I may even have people who have Qiufu。”
Li Hui’s words have made Su Qing are also very surprised.,He didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng gratified the hearts and was so good.。
“Xiao Li,If they can promise, don’t pay for money,I will give them money again.,This way they will definitely be grateful to your right?”
“Forehead,Hey-hey,Should you。”
Li Hui Feng is also a bit awkward for this problem.,Although he doesn’t need so many gratitude,But you can’t develop things towards bad aspects.。
And the words of Su Chang said that he is a good question in advance.。