“Nothing……Good boy does not lie!”Xiao Jiujiu shakes his head。

This person lifts up,Chu Deirers know,He can see the direction? It is Xiaohong in the orientation,At the same time:“so it is? Is there a similar animal life that is almost a mouse??”Talking about a step forward。
Original Chu Deee thought? He wants to make a small red,I have added preparation in my heart.? How is it at this time?,I saw him figure out.? I hidden to the side.!
Chu Deirers are also puzzled? Obviously, I have been careful.? Why is it so far away?,Be found?
It seems that this person is not only tall.,And it is also very likely,Is there any martial arts that specializes in improving a perception?。
This person seems to have no malicious to Xiao Jiujiu? However, it is already hit by it.? Chu Deirers will not be polite。
Other person’s light power、Body,It can be said that it is a moment.,more importantly,Obviously、It’s so fast? But still does not give the feeling of ghost——Chu Deirers are not good at doing this,Especially after the evil spirits are used in the body law.!
Obvious yourself? Also“Lingbo slightly”This more beautiful come……
Nearly 20 steps,The other party came to the Chu Deirent.,However, the Chu Deirers also played with the passion of Yiwei.“Small dragon turtle”!
Chu Deirers,Believe in this whole force、Two palms,I am afraid that there are no few people who have a whole tail.。
However, there is only a chance of changing the opponent.“Humph”A,Then the Chu Deirens only feel that the sky is turning,Ruyi Dragon Turtle、Northern Dragon Turtle,Herone is interlaced to fight back to himself、Immediate disease。
If it is not a Chu Deire’s internal defense、Outer defense is amazing,I am afraid that it is a nonaptive internal injury.,Even now,Chu Deirers also suffocally。
Next moment,Chu Deirers can be screaming,got inside“Tire”status。
I saw the other party seemingly flat.,Take a piece of Chu Deirers……
Said to be“Unmodacy”,Because it is this palm,If it is not the other party, there is a thin layer of gloves.,That is almost the meat palm is directly posted.——I am not working hard injury.、Eat colorful real spray style。
But just only this palm,I descend the defense of the tire,Let Chu Dengu’s mouth hurts blood!
If you don’t enter the track state,I am afraid that the Chu Deirers have hurt.……
Fortunately, I didn’t pursue it.,This“Tall”Really extraordinary,Actually face the second,Deliciously chase again。
And at this time,Xiao Jiujiu has also rushed over,Pulled this mysterious person……
Just just pulled,I was glad by the other side.,I quickly released his sleeves.,It seems that this is very uncomfortable to contact yourself。
Chu Deee has already hopped up,Pose alert……
This person’s martial arts,It’s really an expectation of Chu Deirers.,But identity,Chu Deirers have guess!
“I can’t think of you, I haven’t hidden in Shaolin Temple.,It’s also coming to Emei Mountain.?Not also‘Nantian treasure’Bar?Or……Just see seeing、Also point to pointing your new little daughter?Actually, I still stand back.,Don’t you feel too selfish??”The Chu Deirers were confident that they broke each other’s identity.。
After all during the day,I just took it once.“Fighting star shift”,Just this is another time“Fighting star shift”。
Although some subtle differences,but……I want to be because Murongbo’s skills are higher.。
This is not Murongbo,Chu Deirers will go to the single fire unicorn!
The only thing is expected to be expected,Murongbo’s Kung Fu,Actually so high?Isn’t it possible to be weak than the big brother??
Although I just said that there is a Chu Deirens unpacking“Fighting star shift”,It’s your own hands together.“Small dragon turtle”Anthropoalk,The cause of some omissions,But it is possible to cross the defense,It is also seen that this person’s skill is high.,It should be on Qiaofeng……
Chapter 406 You can still Murongbo
Copper face faces Chu Depal,Not properly,even……I didn’t listen at all.。
after all……
“he”At all not Murongbo,I don’t even know what the Chu Deirers are saying.,Just what“Little daughter”if,Guess the Chu Deirers may be the old man who said。
Just for Murongbo,“he”There is also a few points,So don’t think about why Chu Deirers will feel that Murongbo is still alive.、What is the Shaolin Temple mentioned?,I only feel that this is not big.!
But it is indeed“he”Don’t want to be discovered,and……Hide identity、Playing with mysterious people is already“he”Self-esteem acceptable limit,Prestige、Parenting,Yes“he”unacceptable。
If you want to go out,It is inevitable that I have just discovered it.“Unadorned jade”heart of。
although“he”It is just a moment of rise,This is a little ninety-nine,Really want to block“he”Road,Nor does it all kill,But because a guy is a big man,Waste your own two nights,Some are not cost-effective。