The car drove slowly along the winding road,There are smooth orchards on both sides of the road,Piece by piece,Piece by piece is very happy to watch。

”Mr. Guo,Good job recently,Can have such good results,Our victory is just around the corner“Xia Jian said sincerely,He then let out a long breath。Think about the various resistances encountered when renting the land,Especially Liuling Village,He almost wanted to give up this village,Now it seems,His decision is quite wise。
The car went all the way,This shocked Xia Jian,During his hospitalization,This area seems to have changed a lot,I used to see the wasteland,Now all become orchards,And the weeds in the ground are cleaned up,Looks like a different landscape。
At this time, everyone in the car except Guo Meili,Everyone is staring out of the car window。Wang Yihua suddenly took a breath and said:”President Xia!Wait for you to heal,I must invite you to visit Qingshan County,Where are we all wasteland?!It’s a waste of resources,Take a look here,I really feel a pity“
”it is good!step by step“Xia Jian let out a sigh of relief,The stone in his heart has fallen by half。
The car stopped at the top of Shuijing Village,Everyone got out of the car。Xia Jian glanced at a group of people in the distance and asked Guo Meili:”Are they the fruit planters in Shuijing Village??“
”Correct!The leader is Chen Xiaolan,I didn’t expect this woman to be really capable,Just a few days have made this place like this,Really worked hard“Guo Meili smiled and said to Xia Jian。
Wang Yihua looked at the distance,She laughed and said:”President Xia,If three years later,The fruit trees here are full length,That’s a green ocean!”Wang Yihua is very emotional,As if she had seen it。
Yao Junli laughed:“I don’t have such a good mood as President Wang,Just thinking about a few years later,The branches of every tree are covered with big red apples,That scene is spectacular”
“Why don’t you say,Big Apple turned into banknotes,You are soft when counting money!”He Jing laughed。Three women in a play,Not to mention there are four,The top of the mountain is full of laughter。
Xia Jian, in order to cooperate with Guo Meili,Didn’t walk much,I almost look around the parking place,In the end he was still worried,And asked Guo Meili to call Chen Xiaolan over。
Because this place is in the mountains,Plus the poorer,So is there even a base station?,So it depends on luck,Ou Le has a signal,Disappear in an instant。
Guo Meili came to the front,And shouted for a while,Until Chen Xiaolan agreed,She just returned。She smiled and said:“President Xia,You solved the water and road problems,But this communication problem is also a big deal,It’s inconvenient to find someone all over the mountains”
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“How about this!When you are free,Ask Xi Zhen to find an intercom in Bucheon,See if we can equip them with walkie-talkies。Thus,As long as we reach the controllable range,You can still call”
“Hey!This method is good!I’ll contact Xi Zhen immediately,Let them measure the distance on site,If you don’t spend much,I think this will happen”Guo Meili gets more and more happy。
At this moment,Chen Xiaolan came over panting,She first greeted the women in the car,So he opened the car door and sat up。She glanced at Xia Jian,Asked softly:“Xia is always uncomfortable recently?”
“No!Am I fine??”Xia Jian smiled and said。