“My demeanor has already been thrown in the glass just now。”Hu Dehai is not smiling,Seems more ambiguous,Without waiting for the other party to react, he got up and snapped his fingers at the bar。

“So uninteresting?”Looking at Hu Dehai who is smart and tipping,The girl’s eyes are a little blurred,Until the other person leaves the seat and walks out of the bar。
When the waiter is clearing the table,Inadvertently leaked a small piece of paper from the edge of the palm,The girl picked it up reluctantly and watched,There are only three words on it“Keep up with him。”
the next day,Hu Dehai disappeared under Yang Jiao’s nose,But his subordinates only found out that they were tied up by five flowers in the hotel、Struggling candidate girl。
The girl seems to have suffered some kind of blow,Slow thinking,Like amnesia,Seeing nothing to ask,Yang Jiao with a gloomy face is restless,Fake‘Cotton nine’Suddenly disappeared,It makes it difficult for him to figure out the other party’s purpose。
Fortunately, the girl doesn’t know much,Even if the other party uses drugs or some means to make words,Not much impact。suddenly,Yang Jiao feels cool,A cold sweat immediately came out under the temples,This*Once with“Husband”One leg,Could this person not come from the general??
Think of here,Yang Jiao can no longer calm down,He quickly took out his cell phone and dialed a number,But I heard a long blind tone。
‘Husband’Is a very strong guy,But at this moment, lying like a puddle of mud at the feet of Hoodhai。He is unlucky,Just climbed up the woman’s belly,And was stunned by a black figure that suddenly broke in,Then he appeared in the wilderness inexplicably,Also suffered inhuman treatment。
Hu Dehai also thinks he is unlucky,I thought I found the backbone of the Qin Gang like I won a Mark Six lottery,But all kinds of tricks are exhausted,Only then did I know that the other party was just a foreign fighter,But it’s the members of the Qin Gang,This is the only thing that excites him。
I regret that I started too hard,Otherwise, it would be a good idea to let this reckless guy lead the way,It’s too late now,This guy has a broken calf,How to deal with this person has become a headache。
“Maybe you can tell me,Where does your boss live?”Hu Dehai still crouched down and grabbed it‘Husband’s hair。
Mouth full of blood‘Husband’I’m only venting my breath at the moment,It can be seen that this person is sluggish、The begging eyes are not fake,Hu Dehai secretly discusses the location of the secret stronghold in the forest. There should be no fraud。