I want Guo Tianyi to give up on this,Something impossible。

So when Guo Tianyi is looking at it,at this time,Guo Tianyi whole person,Even more so。
I just stared in front of me subconsciously,After seeing these。
Actually here,Wang Teng itself,I feel very indifferent。
“Interesting,But now,I won’t talk about other issues for now。”
“This account,Still have to write it on your head。”
Wang Teng’s words are finished,obviously,What should I do,It’s actually obvious。
slowly,Looking over here,At this time Guo Tianyi still feels,This thing is actually very good。
It’s just that Guo Tianyi subconsciously looked in front of him,obviously,Actually, it looks like Guo Tianyi,It’s okay to fight。
“but,your thoughts,You thought i would not know?”
When Wang Teng saw this,Is suddenly talking here。
It’s just to say what Wang Teng said,obviously,For the moment,I didn’t expect this at all.。
Just staring in front of you subconsciously,See here,For Wang Teng,What do you need to do next,There is no doubt about it。
Look around,At this moment,Wang Teng looks more and more feels,Now it should be completely necessary to deal with it quickly。
“All right,These are actually not the point of the problem,Start now,Get rid of him directly。”
Wang Teng waved his hand,Speak directly here。
With Wang Teng’s words finished,obviously,Looks at Wang Teng。
In fact, deep in Wang Teng’s heart,I am a little eager to try。
In fact, this is the case,Then next,What do you need to do,This is indeed a good opportunity。