Lu Menglin shook his arms,The backs of both hands suddenly turned black and cyan,Unconsciously, the god has entered the partial state of the ghost body。

When the power of the light lines in the body was injected into the body of the ghost and god,Lu Menglin immediately felt extremely powerful。
This feeling,It’s like Lu Bu riding a red rabbit horse,Joined forces,Match each other,Of course the fighting power broke out。
The axe light mixed with blood and killing intent slashed in front of Lu Menglin,But he was blocked by his arms,Two invisible forces hit together fiercely,Even the void has a sudden shock,The feeling of shaking。
In an instant,The ground around Lu Menglin’s body is turned into powder,Whether it’s mud or stones,Are crushed by this terrible force,The whole ground is sinking。
《Blood Axe》Among,The most powerful is not a hundred heavy axe,But the infinite killing intent contained in the axe light,This invisible attack,Somewhat similar to mental shock,For ordinary gods,Absolutely the killer of the killer。
It’s a pity that this trick met Lu Menglin,His spiritual strength,so far,I haven’t seen anyone who is stronger than him,So the infinite killing intent in this axe light,For Lu Menglin,It’s just a frown。
The killing intent that invaded the brain was easily blocked by Lu Menglin’s mental power,Dissolve into the invisible,He almost doesn’t need to do anything deliberately。
Mental attack of this degree,For Lu Menglin’s huge mental power and tempered skull defense,It doesn’t matter at all。
The black robe man,Completely dumbfounded,He never expected,《Blood Axe》Such a fierce move,Actually in a name
The unseen savage suffers,No effect!How can this be!
Lu Menglin splits both palms,The effect of the ghost body on the back of the hand is immediately eliminated,Unconsciously,It seems that he is a normal god nation,The power of light lines is used。