Say this reason,Even Liu Zhengkai himself feels a little hot,I can’t help but wink at my son。

Liu Duwu nodded desperately at this time,Explained:“Yes!I’m confused for a while,I was forced by Arrow to tell Prince Ning’s news about you。She said if I don’t go,She will die!I was also forced!Brother Wen Zhang,I’m wrong,I was really wrong!”
These two fathers and sons are less responsible than the other,To put all the responsibility on a woman。
Liu Wenzhang frowned,I couldn’t help but set my eyes on Arrow,But there were bursts of tingling in my heart。
Of course Arrow heard the excuses of the father and son,But she didn’t avoid Liu Wenzhang’s sight,Instead of looking up at the other person without fear。
“Sister Arrow,Really?why?”Liu Wenzhang finally couldn’t help it anymore,Asked with a trembling voice。
From small to large,He loves most,It’s Arrow and Dubu,Those years in Hongliucheng,It’s even more thoughtless,Scrape the ground three feet,Also collect some rare and exotic treasures,Thousands of miles to Tianzun God City,For sister Aro,New Year holidays,Never lack of gifts。
He really can’t figure it out,Why do you betray yourself,Even Arrow hurt himself with him。
Arrow kept his face like a smile,Looking at Liu Wenzhang with a calm face。
“Yes!What they say is true,I did everything!I forced Liu Duwu to inform!”
Chapter One Thousand and Fifty Four Quota
“why?Why did you do this?”Liu Wenzhang’s face is a bit hideous,Growl。
These days,At the most painful, most difficult and most dangerous time,Liu Wenzhang never asked why!Even in the Chiyue Canyon,Nine deaths,He has no complaints。
but,He really couldn’t help it at this moment,Because these people in front of you,Is his family,Is his favorite woman,But all betrayed him,That’s why he feels unwilling,not worth!