Everyone expected Brother Hu won’t lose,But I didn’t expect to earn so much!I feel like millions of dollars are received every day,Seeing everyone think they are living in another world。

Same head,For Mao, others are so good?
“Fucking!I also want to dig fossils。”
“brothers,wake up!All buried underground are national。”
“The anchor is so high-profile,I’m not afraid that the relevant department will come with a pennant and 500 yuan?”
Studio,Everyone has,No matter what you do,There will always be people who are not pleasing to the eye。
“The meaning of Brother Sun,Is to mention a few hundred thousand。correct,Don’t talk about it,Lest Xiao Gao be uncomfortable。”Hu Yang said。
Sun Zhidong also told him,Actually if you are abroad,The price will definitely be higher。There are still too few people playing fossils in China,It’s a strange stone,Very hot in recent years。
Brother Song and others nodded,They just discuss it at home。
“Girl,Don’t you say everywhere。”Aunt Song glared at her daughter。
Song Ying silently deleted a line of the WeChat group just coded,Politely said:“Am I a person with a big mouth?”
“This piece of material?”Brother Song points to the material bought by Populus for 300,000 yuan。
Just now,He also watched it carefully,There are indeed traces of fire,So Populus shouldn’t lose。
“I think,Find a master who is good at carving and carving。”Populus has already planned,He won’t sell it directly as raw materials。
“There is a great master in the town,But rarely come out。General material,He won’t be tempted。”Song Ge revealed。
“is it?Let’s go see tomorrow,First open the material completely,Then go ask。”Hu Yang has to test the master’s craftsmanship first,Good materials can’t be spoiled casually。
It’s almost evening now,It’s hard to bother others,Plan to stay with Song Brother for one night。