Not surprisingly,This kind of supermarket must sell Chinese cigarettes!But the next moment,Zhong Hua’s face has undergone several more complex expression changes。

The smile froze first,Then frowned questioningly,In the end is incredible panic。
Because he accidentally saw the picture of the TV at the entrance of the supermarket。
I saw a beautiful female anchor on TV broadcasting the evening news in a straightforward manner:“Currently,Two suspects who intentionally wounded people in Jinshan District People’s Hospital are still at large。”
Security has issued a reward wanted,Those who have provided information of two persons and confirmed that they are true,Reward two million yuan,If you can arrest the two individuals or units,10 million yuan will be awarded,It is understood……
Top left of the female anchor,These are the clear heads of Zhong Hua and Song Kangsong。
Guru!Zhong Hua couldn’t help but swallowed hard。
Two million just to provide clues,Arrested ten million!When,My Zhong Hua’s life is so valuable!
If I surrender myself,10 million yuan for me?This is a series of questions that Zhong Hua couldn’t help but pop up in his mind。
no way,Security’s reward is too big,As far as he understands,Usually issued by the Ministry of Public SecurityaWanted order,Up to one hundred and two hundred thousand,Even if you can open a million, it’s a top-notch。
The estimate of one million is for those days of earthquake anger,Heaven is incompetent,The wicked wicked。
But Zhong Hua didn’t do anything earth-shattering,Intentionally wounded someone in the hospital,Not his hands。
What’s going on here,Security is crazy!and,When did the security system finances become so rich?。
now,He completely believed in the security of the toll booth and the special trainer on the side of the suspension bridge just came to him,He now has this qualification。
“Hua brother,smoke。”Drive Rollo back to the car,Handed Zhong Hua two packs of Chinese cigarettes。
Zhong Hua took it,Quickly open and click on one,Took a few bites。
“Hua brother,Something is wrong。”Drove Luo Luo to take apart the Furong King that Zhong Hua just bought back,Take one out and light it,Said another sentence。
He didn’t get Zhong Hua’s permission,You can’t smoke Zhonghua in front of Zhong Hua,Can only smoke cigarettes that are cheaper than Chinese cigarettes。
It’s not that the 25 yuan King Furong is not good,It’s just that the price can’t compare to China,And he has a soft spot for China。