“The price of arrogance,Millions are gone。”

“Deserve it!If i,Definitely face to face。”
“Lost status,I still like what Brother Hu did,Unknowingly caused him a heavy loss。”
they do not know,Chen Fusheng is not as simple as losing a hundred and a hundred thousand。Got two inferior goods to give away,You are the one who will receive the gift,What do you think?
Final Results,Item not received,Also raised an engineering team,Soon after, it brought down Chen Fusheng,Finally broke,Carried a debt。
of course,This is something later。
then,Hu Yang talks about his own harvest,That stove,And the small and exquisite celestial bottle。
“Is it a real Xuande furnace?,I still dare not say,But one thing is certain。This is a fine work made in the Ming Dynasty,Even if it is imitation,It is also a boutique in imitations,Worth more than three million。”Hu Yang told everyone。
Actually,Xuande furnace is not uncommon in the auction market,Already a regular customer。
Auction history,Imitation of Xuande furnace,From tens of thousands、Hundreds of thousands,To millions,All the way to more than ten million。and so,Don’t underestimate imitations。
What Hu Yang said just now,Already considered conservative。
Look with the primary treasure hunting eye,Can’t see through the pot,Explain that its value is more than 5 million。
The audience in the live broadcast room was speechless,Making money is just like eating and drinking。
It’s that simple for the rich to make money,That’s why the rich people are getting richer,Poor people are getting poorer,This is not a simple hate speech,But it makes sense。
“Coincidence tonight,Two items obtained,Are almost in the Xuande period。but,This sphere belongs to Doucai,Dou Cai during the Xuande period was not very good。Best Doucai Works,From the Chenghua period,More than 200 million yuan in a single chicken cup,You should have read the news。”
Watching Hu’s live broadcast,Everyone has a better understanding of antiques,Sigh。
“OK!That’s it,Next we have something to do。Before the black market comes out,We get a picture,Everyone can take a look。”Populus is not afraid of others knowing。