I didn’t know that Lu Menglin took the Eight-Chariot Master to the door,Unexpectedly, someone got out of Chen Jiannan’s office,Head up,I saw Lu Menglin and Bacha Shitai。

“what?Haha!Lu Menglin, what are you doing??Why did you bring a nun up here??Don’t you know it would be unlucky to let the nun follow?Remember what Wei Xiaobao said?”Someone smiled cheerfully。
Chapter four hundred and ninety eight Secretly control
This fat man who laughs presumptuously,There is no one except Wang Shaoxiao。
Wang Shaoxiao arrived on Hong Kong Island in the morning,He was looking for Lu Menglin to play,When I saw Boss Lu was still following an old nun,Laughed on the spot。
“Go you!”Lu Menglin said nothing,Slap the fat man into a slap,Followed by a kick,Kicked him directly into Chen Jiannan’s office。
no way,Lu Menglin is also doing this for his good,People’s Eight Chess Division is a Worldly Expert,You can kill the little fat man with just a snap of your finger,He is still talking nonsense,Don’t kick him!
Boom!Wang Shaoxiao is like a big ball,Rolled all the way,There was a scream in the office。
Lu Menglin looked at his palm,I thought it must be a long time ago,I can’t control my hands and feet,Nothing is important,I can only blame the fat man for his bad luck。
Chen Jiannan’s head came out from the door,Lu Menglin’s face sank,Shook his head,Brother Nan shrank his head very wittily,When nothing happened。
Lu Menglin invited Bacha Master to the office,Called the secretary again,Let in a pot of the best green tea,This is just like a schoolboy,I sat in front of Master Bacha。
“You do not have to worry about,The poor nuns practiced Mahayana Buddhism,Will only purify sentient beings,Won’t attack all beings。”The Eight Car Division is too indifferent。