“If you like,Then send you off。That letter paper,It was originally included,No money。”the man,Must be a little more atmospheric。

See 柰子 want to talk,Populus also speaks:“Since Brother Zhong said that,Then you can keep it for yourself!Although this calligraphy font is very good,Looks like it was written by a woman,But not famous after all,Not high value,No need to talk about money。”
Get!Since Brother Hu said so,柰子 had to accept,Then thank Zhong Wenqiu。
Hu Yang took the book that Zhong Wenqiu turned over,This book has no title,Turn it over,The content inside is copied,This is the knowledge of water conservancy,Even a little bit of content appears,Has been highlighted。
obviously,This is left by a water healer。Very likely,This manuscript has been obtained by others,Because the way of highlighting is different,There are several。
visible,This basic water treatment outline,There should be merit in ancient times,Will be used for reference。
Due to the vast territory of our country,Vast territory,Rich in natural climate。therefore,Since ancient times,Our country is a flood-prone area。and so,Be an official in ancient times,Water governance is one of the required courses for officials。
Dayu’s control of water from the most ancient period,Go to Qin Shihuang to dig the Lingqu,When Li Bing and his son made Dujiangyan,Open the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal to Yangguang……The South-to-North Water Diversion Project until modern times,Chinese Water Project,Never stopped。
Hu Yang hurriedly turned over,Saw a few seals,It was left by several water governors in the Qing Dynasty,One even left a comment,Identified the original owner of this manuscript。
“It turned out to be Pan Jixun’s manuscript,That’s quite valuable。”Hu Yang smiled。
Everyone looked at Populus in doubt,Pan Jixun?who is it?Never heard of it!
Zhong Wenqiu and his family are happy,J,As long as it is valuable,Then don’t lose,Might even make a lot of money,That’s enough!
“Pan Jixun is arguably the most famous water conservancy officer in the Ming and Qing dynasties,Or water conservancy engineer。Some of his views on water control,Great influence on future generations,Even today,Maybe we are still using。”Populus tells everyone。
This man was ordered by the Three Dynasties,Served as prime minister four times,Presided over the treatment of the Yellow River and the Canal,Lasted for 27 years,The longest official in the Ming Dynasty,Left a lot of books。