“Xinxin,Your Yun and Brother are here,Come over and talk?”

Lu Xin pouting,Take another look at Huo Yunhe, who was playing with his mobile phone,Eye circles are a bit red,“Yun He doesn’t like being interrupted。”
“How could it be bothering?”
Lu Yuwan doesn’t agree with her niece,Hold her hand and teach patiently,“Today is your grandpa’s birthday,As a granddaughter,Entertaining guests is what you should do,Especially those who are close to our Lu family,Never neglect,Understand?”
Second aunt also laughed and joked,“Hurry over,It’s almost becoming a masterpiece。”
“Second aunt!”
Lu Xin blushed,Lying embarrassedly in grandma’s arms,Ignore them。
Mrs. Lu smiled and held her granddaughter,“We Xinxin have thin skins,You elders are not allowed to bully her。”
Didn’t the old lady notice that her granddaughter’s eyes kept peeking at Huo Yunhe??but,The Huo family has tactfully refused,She just wants to help,Can’t speak。
Since the Huo family boy came,The granddaughter’s eyes stayed on him,So infatuated,How good?
Asked in a low voice in her ear:“I really like the Huo family boy so much?”
Lu Xin nodded,There are tears in the big eyes。
Mrs. Lu just didn’t want her granddaughter to be wronged,Sigh slightly,Get up and go to the table,Take Mrs. Huo to chat。
After greeting each other,The topic naturally goes to the children,“You Yunhe is really a kind of talent,Many girls like it?”
Mrs. Huo saw her coming,I know what she means,I thought the scene was over,Time to talk about the two kids,But the meaning in her words is a bit intriguing,“Girls as long as they have good character,We don’t pick others,As long as Yunhe likes,We will not interfere。”
That means rest assured,As long as grandson likes,Granddaughter’s birthplace,The Huo family doesn’t care,Just take it easy and relax。
But the old lady Lu and her thoughts are not on the same channel,“Huojiamen Fengzheng,Yun and this child look like Zhou Zheng,Character is not mentioned,No negative news at all,You still teach well。”