How do old wives find their intimacy?


How do old wives find their intimacy?

Russell said that half of human sin is caused by fear of boring life.

In the long marriage, experienced the passion and lingering in love, the relaxation at the beginning of marriage, the emotional transfer of the child after birth, and soon reached the middle-aged period.

As the external environment of the family continues to improve, the intimate fighting relationship that members ask is becoming more and more loose.

Recently, a magazine in the United States realized the marriage story of Petty and Allen, and how they responded to the “middle-age crisis”, hoping to help the majority of middle-aged couples to re-consolidate their marriage and remain unbreakable.

銆€銆€After ten years of marriage, Petty, who is no longer 41 years old, and Allen, 45, have been married for many years, have a lovely daughter, a three-story house, and decent work.

Petty is a French teacher at the university and Allen is a programmer at an IT company.

The acquaintance of the two is just as a cookie cutter but romantic.

That day, Petty sat in the cafe and watched the magazine to pass the time. When she looked up, she found a gentleman in the neighboring room left the mobile phone on the table, but the man left.

The kind Petti picked up the phone and chased it out. She found the man who later became her husband, Allen.

At the beginning of the marriage, the “mobile phone” is the “dark number” of the couple. Once the quarrel is over, as long as the person first takes out the mobile phone and calls the other party to say “Hey, do you miss a mobile phone”, the two can be as good as ever.

銆€銆€However, time is a killer, it makes wrinkles climb up Petty’s eyes, let the excess meat piled up in Allen’s waist, let apathy and habits over the marriage.

In the past, when Petty was washing the dishes, Allen would inadvertently hug her from behind. Now he will only watch TV in the living room. In the past, the two had to whisper before going to bed, then they hugged each other and now they are only perfunctory.Ask about each other’s work, then go to sleep back to back; before, Allen likes to wake up Petty with a kiss on the weekend morning, then slowly fade her clothes, let the sun witness each other’s warmth. Slowly, the twoLife is more and more strange.

After having children four years ago, they have not lived for a long time.

銆€銆€In 2008, Petty and Allen’s marriage entered its tenth year.

They are afraid of future variables and hope to restore their intimacy.

“Red Book” interviewed several marriages, experts on sexual issues, and listed a “change plan” for Petty and Allen, hoping to use a week to revitalize their marriage.

銆€銆€”Old wife and wife” should also be dressed in addition to the spiritual resonance, the United States famous marriage counseling expert Frank-Pitman is also suspected of increasing mutual attraction between husband and wife by increasing psychological changes and satisfaction.

銆€銆€The easiest way is to “add heterosexual features.”

銆€銆€According to the expert’s advice, Petty bought a very beautiful new dress, but also a new haircut, a little powder on her face, and the whole person was completely new.

When Allen saw it, he felt his eyes bright, and it was really “like to meet Yan.”

And Allen changed his suit and brushed the cock on his chin, and suddenly he had a lot of spirit.

“Actually, Petty and Allen are still the same, but they have a fresh feeling in the other’s heart.

This freshness is an attraction.

“The difference in human love is other than the feelings of mother and child, the feelings of friends, etc. It is based on sexual intentions, and some people call it “sexual attraction.”

Increasing the heterosexual characteristics of both husband and wife will naturally strengthen the charm of love.

In addition, men are visual animals, and the various information received through the eyes can easily cause sexual excitement.

Therefore, nothing can make a man’s heart more than seeing a delicate and beautiful wife.

“Middle-aged women often have a half-fat, and the breasts are sagging and the body is gradually losing the richness and beauty of the past.

However, if you regularly participate in fitness exercises, pay attention to grooming, it will help to increase the attractiveness of the opposite sex, especially to beautify the image in the husband’s mind.

“Women’s “dressing”, in addition to changing the line or a makeup, modification of temperament is also very important.

If the wife usually speaks and swears, then the little bird will follow the person, and Wu’s soft words will also give her husband a sense of freshness; if the husband is too embarrassed and does not care about his wife’s feelings, then he will pull his wife.Squeezing a sickle for her and saying “you have worked hard” are all touching.

銆€銆€Some people think that lovers need to attract each other.

In fact, after forming a family, consciously strengthen the mutual attraction between husband and wife, so that your family life is more pleasant and enjoyable.