Why do babies catch their faces in autumn?

Why do babies catch their faces in autumn?

Guide: The temperature in autumn is much lower than that in summer, the air becomes dry, and the baby’s skin moisture is quickly taken away, so you need to add clothes to your baby to keep the body temperature.

  In the late summer and early autumn seasons, some babies’ faces, foreheads, and ears were scratched by themselves with many deep and shallow nail injuries.

Parents will wear small gloves for protection.

Despite the distress, I don’t know how to ignore the more important question: why does the baby scratch his face?

There are many reasons, the most important of which is that the baby’s face becomes dry due to lack of water, so the baby feels uncomfortable and suffers from itching.

At this time, the mother should immediately apply a professional baby moisturizing cream to the baby’s face, and nourish and moisturize effectively.

Do not wait until your baby’s face has turned red and peeled before replacing it.

The baby can’t speak. This secret can only be done by the mother to observe more carefully to protect the baby’s autumn skin in time.

  The stratum corneum of the baby’s skin is not yet mature, so the barrier function is not perfect.

The normal skin stratum corneum contains 10% -30% moisture to maintain the softness and elasticity of the skin. In the particularly dry season of autumn and winter, the evaporation rate of water accelerates, and the baby’s underdeveloped skin cannot absorb the moisture in the air.The moisture content of the layer is less than 10%, and skin symptoms such as dryness, tightness, coarseness, and desquamation will appear.

  In autumn, avoid the following factors that make the skin dry, and the baby’s skin will quickly return to the water-induced moisturization.

  One reason: the temperature of cold air drops much more in autumn than in summer, the air becomes dry, and the baby’s skin moisture is quickly taken away, so you need to add clothes to your baby to keep the body temperature.

  Result 2: Skin care products Skin care products used in summer are generally refreshing formulas. For babies who have redness and dry skin, it is a bit out of place in autumn and winter, so it is best to use some nutrient-rich moisturizers to reduceWater loss.

It is better to use moisturizing cream within 5 minutes after bathing.

  Because of three reasons: the autumn day is very clear with less ultraviolet rays. The ultraviolet rays in the sun are not covered by thick clouds. Direct skin can easily cause the skin’s moisture to evaporate and dryness will occur, which will cause trouble to the skin.

Therefore, you should avoid direct sunlight and go out to prepare for sun protection. It is best to sunbathe your baby’s back and small buttocks, and it is best not to exceed one hour.

  Tips for autumn baby skin care: Tips for autumn baby skin care 1: Cover your baby’s young skin with a “protective film” The baby’s skin is not fully developed and much softer than adult skin, so a dry and dehydrated climate is likely to causehurt.

Using skin care products with natural moisturizing ingredients can form a protective film that effectively protects your baby’s skin.

  Baby-specific emollient products generally have three types of lotions (moisturizers), moisturizers, and emollient oils. The latter one is more oily than the former one.

Under certain conditions, lotions (moisturizers) containing natural moisturizing ingredients, moisturizers generally contain moisturizing factors, which can effectively moisturize the baby’s skin; moisturizing oils generally contain natural mineral oils, which can prevent dryness and moisturize the skinStronger.

  Autumn Baby Skin Care Tip 2: Take care of your baby’s young and tender lips, so as not to crack the autumn wind and dry the climate, even adults will apply lip oil or lip balm to themselves.

Baby’s small lips are more delicate than adults’, and in the fall, they are especially prone to peeling and cracking.

Those babies who go to kindergarten even drink less water in the kindergarten, which causes dry lips to bleed and bleed.

  Yue Yue suggested: When your baby’s lips are cracked, first apply a damp hot towel on the lips to allow the lips to fully absorb moisture, and then apply lip oil.

Also pay attention to let your baby drink plenty of water.

  Autumn baby skin care tips 3: Never scrub your baby with a rough towel. The baby’s skin is thinner than an adult. The skin has less elastic fibers and lacks elasticity. It is easily penetrated and damaged by foreign objects.You should add a soft towel when washing your body or washing your face. This is especially important in dry autumn and winter.

If you use a rough towel to scrub your baby hard, it’s easy to hurt the skin, but also to make the skin rough and aging.

  Autumn Baby Skin Care Tip 4: Choose Skin Care Products for Your Baby Here’s a reminder to moms: Give your baby a replacement for your skin care products.

At present, there are many types of skin care products for children in the market. When buying, you should choose those moisturizers that do not contain fragrance, alcohol, and no irritation, which can protect the skin’s moisture balance.

In addition, because you and your baby are in constant contact, it is a good idea to use the same moisturizer.

Remember, the brand of baby skin care products should not be changed frequently, so that the baby’s skin does not need to repeatedly adjust different skin care products.