Shenzhen Ocean University project enters the government investment construction procedure

Original title: Shenzhen Ocean University Project entered the government investment construction process Shenzhen Ocean Science and Technology Career April 20 Double Heritage: Shenzhen Ocean University project has made significant progress, entering the government investment construction procedures; scientific research projects participated by Southern University of Science and Technology and Shenzhen University, in 2021 The annual National Marine Science and Technology Award of the National Ocean Science and Technology Awards accounted for 2 seats. According to the official website of Southern University of Science and Technology, the school received a letter of re -letter from the Shenzhen Development and Reform Commission, which officially gave Shenzhen Ocean University project code.

This marks the proposal of the Shenzhen Ocean University project that has been approved and entered the government investment construction process.

At present, Shenzhen Ocean University’s strategic layout, discipline construction and high -end talent introduction, campus planning construction and other work are being carried out in an orderly manner.

  The establishment of marine universities in accordance with procedures is one of the major projects in the Shenzhen Construction Pioneer Demonstration Zone and the global marine center cities. It is of great significance to enhance the core engine function of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area and better serve the marine power strategy. According to public information, Shenzhen Ocean University is led by Southern University of Science and Technology to marketed internationally first-class universities such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Woods Hal Ocean Institute in the United States to create a global marine-top innovative talent training base, marine science and technology innovation highland, and global marine development High -end think tanks have become national strategic technology forces in the marine field, promoting the leapfrog development of Shenzhen marine industry, and enhancing the international influence of Shenzhen’s marine field.

  The total investment of the project is about 4.8 billion yuan, and the site is planned to be selected. The land area of ??Dapeng New District is about 65 hectares. Its neighboring National Deep Sea Science Centers project selection is conducive to the co -construction of the two projects, the dual -hiring, the dual mentor system, the sharing of the dock, the sharing of large equipment, and the co -construction of large marine high -end platforms. Shenzhen Ocean University plans to rely on the recruitment of Southern University of Science and Technology this year, and carry out the integrity education of Ben, Master, and Bo Bo. The scale of running a school is about 10,000 full -time students.

In terms of discipline settings, focus on the development of marine cross -characteristic disciplines, build a new characteristic discipline system of "strong cross, large comprehensive", and connect Shenzhen to build the "four beams and eight pillars" in the construction of a global ocean center city, that is, economic industry, scientific and technological innovation, cultural ecology, comprehensive comprehensive The needs of management and global governance, focusing on building three major discipline groups.

  Yesterday, the list of maritime science and technology awards established by the original National Oceanic Bureau of Ocean Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Award was announced. The "Ocean Swiping Dynamic Mechanism and the Control of the Evolution of the South China Sea" by the Nanhai Ocean Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the University of Science and Technology of China, the "Earlier and Development of Marine Pharmaceutical Biological Resources" completed by Ocean University of China and Shenzhen University It won two awards among the three special prizes. The award has great social impact and high professional authority in the marine field, and has been recognized by the Chinese Association of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Natural Resources. (Reporter Qin Qiwei) (Responsible editor: Zhang Chenmu, Chen Yuzhu) Share more people see it.