China @ 四川 | Ye Guangfu’s teenage time: How is the space dream sprouting?

  Xinhua News Agency, October 16 (Reporter Dong Xiaohong, Xue Chen) "Five, Four, Third, Second, One …" With a loud noise, 0:23 on October 16, carrying people from Shenzhou 13 The III of the Spacecraft The III carries the rocket in the satellite launch center of Jiuquan Satellite.

Astronaut Ye Guangfu Mother Liu Shaolin eyes staring at the TV screen, nervous, excited to say can’t come. "The five-star red flag flutters, and the victory song is so bright.

In the early morning of the 16th, in the Chengdu home of Astronaut Ye Guangfu, his family looked at the live broadcast of TV. The melodious melody sounded, and the red flag waved. "Flying passenger is in good condition, the launch is a complete success" – listened to TV Broadcasting, Liu Shaolin’s high-rise heart finally put down, and the feelings on the face were obvious.

"Ping is good, my son is cheering!" She said excited. Sitting on the sister Ye Yadan in the eyes of Ye Yandan is full of tears. "The dreams of your brothers are finally achieved!" In the impression of my brother, my brother has an aerospace dream from a child. "He likes to watch the plane from a little, and we often go to the plane. He has told me more than once. I must fly on the sky in the future!" Ye Yadan recalls. In his family’s eyes, Ye Guangfu’s character sunshine is calm.

In order to realize his own space dream, he has paid hard to imagine.

Ye Yandan said that because of the fear of family worry, the younger brother always "newspaper is not reported", no matter how hard is training, he will not complain.

  "Once, he said on the phone and insisted on the training, we are very worried, but he said that he can hold it!" Ye Yadan said.

  Ye Guangfu was attended in Chengdu Shuangliu County (now Shuangflow District) Wanan Junior Middle School.

When the class teacher of the year, Zhao Chunyan recalled that Ye Guangfu is a rural child, and it is very hard to get to school.

After knowing your students, Zhao Chunyan was very happy. "I specifically identified the graduation photo of the year, it is too proud!" In the eye of the junior high school chemistry, Ye Guangfu is a child who loves to learn, can suffer.

"In the past, the school conditions were hard. In order to cultivate children’s interest in chemistry class, I organized a lot of small experiments. I remember that in an experiment of hydrogen, Ye Guangfu is very interested, and actively participate.

I think he has already buried the seeds of aerospace. "Sun Dezhong said.

  Astronauts have high quality requirements, Ye Guangfu loves sports, and has made a good foundation for the future.

"We often play basketball together after class.

"Sun Dehong said that he was only 24 years old. Ye Guangfu is his second junior high school student, and everyone often played together." Ye Guangfu likes sports, the body is very flexible. "This astronauts should" business trip "in space for 6 months, the Spring Festival can’t go home, although I really want my son, but Liu Shaolin understands and supports him.

"My son is cheering! Wait for you to come back, I will give you a meat!" She smiled.

[Editor: Jiang Yan].