At the same time, take a lot of jade simple,Explore。

Start trying to push the four products。
Compared to the three-piece array,Difficulty in the four products,It can be described as an increase。
It is complicated、Complexity,Just touch,Just can’t help but want to give up。
Overall,Four products can be divided into three hundred and sixty types,Every type has different effects。
Each type,It can also be reversed to thousands of changes。
In other words,Starting from the quadrant array,Infinitely become infinite。
Once the beginning of Lin Donghe, the blood,They study four products array,It costs for 30 years……Even so,It is also known as a wonderful。
Later,They used it for nearly a hundred years.,Dotted Wuyi Refractor。
Although standing in the peak of refining,But it has not been further further。
Summary suddenly has a little missing。
If it is closed in the god chart,He believes that speed will certainly be much faster.。
Now,Only one way。
Now,Summer stretch left arm,Five fingers,Palm。
Midway,A slightly palace!This is the ninth floor of Runhai,After the emotion,Help him open the plane channel with the fairy spirit,A gift he gave。
Palace,Tens of thousands of runes!Summer is originally planned,Treat yourself to achieve the spirit of Linghai,Fusion Rune Zhenling,Break through the platform in one fell swoop。
But the plan can’t change the change。
If you want to shorten the time to participate in the four items,Only fusion rune。
The biggest benefits of rune,It is after the integration,Not only can you improve the quality of the soul?,More people can achieve one,I feel all miniature energy and changes in the world.。
In addition to the true spirit of Rune,There is still a top sign in the summer.。
That is the nine roads in the sea.……Do not,Shilu。
This ten rune imprint,You can also help him to fulfill the array。
There is also the third preparation in the summer.。
His one in his hand,A piece of filing is full of films。
This debris is a bit similar to a certain furnace.,Broken corner。
Be right。
This is when leaving the neutrial hospital,缥缈 老祖。
At the beginning, he first went to the neighborhood.,Halfway,Zuozi、Smoke,Long Dingshan nearby。
At that time, I didn’t know.,Long Ding really is the ethereal old ancestor name。
He passed the test,And get the ethereal old ancestral point。
From outside,At that time, the old ancestors lived just a small wooden house.,But enter into it,It is a great temple in space.。
And in the inside of the day,Equivalent to the outside world。
When leaving the pole Wushu,The old ancestors also cherish this secret treasure,Have a summer。
Summer immersed debris,Between,The secret tattoo on the fragment lights upright。
These rays extends outward,Form a broken line……At the end,It turned out to become an illusory Ding Ding。
And this fragmentation,It’s just a Ding Ding.。