Gan Yifan was taken aback,Tangled Road:“May not be saved,I feel uncomfortable。”

The monster sighed,Say:“So you shouldn’t join the world now,Difficulty,There is no certain way to enter the WTO ahead of time,Will only be troubled by worldly things。If you didn’t leave Yunji Island when you heard me,The mood is all focused on cultivation,Your cultivation is not so weak,There won’t be so many things now。”
“Is my cultivation speed slow??”Gan Yifan refused to accept the retort。
“Speed is only one aspect,Mood is the main thing,You are upset。”
“rustle……”There are slight footsteps from the stone house,Gan Yifan glared at the monster and said:“I am back。”
Xu Wan probably cried,Eyes are a little swollen,Maybe I haven’t rested at all these days,Dark circles,Eyes are full of red blood,There is even an unhealthy red on the face。
“What’s wrong with you?”
“I should ask you what’s the matter,Go for a few days,I thought you couldn’t come back……”
Xu Wan’s speech is weak,Just said a sentence or two,Look unsteady。Gan Yifan came to help her,I suddenly found her body very hot,“You have a fever。”
“do not know,I feel that the whole person is limp……”Talking and tears rolling down,“You won’t come back,Don’t say what to do。I am so sleepy,Dare not sleep,It’s dark all around,There is a skeleton lying in another stone house,I can’t even turn off the light。Why have you been there for so long?What did you do……”
“I’ll save people,Another half day,Teachers, they will all come back……”
Gan Yifan intends to explain,But after saying a few words, Xu Wan was not listening at all,Standing there dangling,Seems to fall down at any time,Quickly helped her to sit down on the stone platform,But I didn’t think her body was crooked,Lie directly on the stone platform,I don’t know if I fell asleep or passed out。
The monster’s head came in from the other side of the stone gate,“Let her sleep,She ate Pasa Pana fruit。”
“What fruit?”
“Phanagwa,It’s that white flower。”
Gan Yifan pulled the monster to the pool,“You have been to this place before?”
The monster didn’t answer his question,Jump into the pool,Ate the aquatic plant whose flowers were picked,Do not go ashore,Squatting in the pool and saying:“The function of Pasa Pana fruit,Millennium Flower,Flowers bloom for a thousand years,The result of another thousand years,It takes three thousand years to get a fruit。”
“and then?”