Big eyes open mouth and tongue,It did say that,Facing the Liege Golden Crow,The body of the boy is almost roasted,It is impossible for him to hide in the Temple of Five Elements,Like this。

This time I was caught by the boy,It’s hard to lose,Big eyes know,To assimilate this guy,It can’t cause sharp opposition to it in mental thinking,Otherwise it is imprinted in its will,It’s hard to change,That means its hard work is not only in vain,And the value of this clone has become dispensable,This is something that big eyes never want to look big。
“What does hum mean?”
“Negotiate,I disagree。”
“it is good!I’ll go first,If you don’t agree, you can discuss it while walking。”The teenager stood up,Without seeing the little red dragon returning, he went out of the world。
“You bastard,What a rogue!”
Young people don’t care about so much,What we have to deal with now are the people of Qingtong who are inseparable from him,Even sleep,They have to stand at the door,It’s a big headache。
Dry consumption is not the solution,The young man was forced to find some useful divine skills in the vast memory of the Holy Spirit,Learn now sell now,He is envious that big eyes can make thousands of his own patterns at once,This technique works too well,Fake,No disadvantages,He only needs to transform himself。
“Don’t bother,This stupid and backward world,Magical power without a clone,At best make a phantom,Or create a real body,Are all wild roads,Even Tianzun,I don’t have the ability。”
A very contemptuous voice with big eyes came from the boy’s ear,I feel lost in confidence,Ever since I talked to this guy about the faraway world,He knew the gap between the two worlds,The arrogant attitude that cannot be concealed by the big eyeballs often stimulates him,The key is it’s just a clone,Heavenly Lord like Li Tan has nothing to do with it。
“Then discuss and discuss?”
“do not!Stop!”Big eyes are a scared boy,“Drive away this damn little long worm,I will help you,Speak clearly,Gonna go by yourself,I won’t go,I just lie here like you。”