in a sense,Jackson’s remarks made him unlike a quantum mechanics expert。

Because this kind of behavior is too normal。
Many times a qualified quantum physicist,Thinking must be different from ordinary people,Because what they study is counter-intuitive。
Like Schrodinger’s cat。
Such as the temperature we can perceive every day。
Yes,The temperature we perceive all the time,Must not exist in the eyes of quantum physicists。Because there is no concept of temperature at the micro level,The so-called temperature is just the intensity of molecular thermal motion。
So in the opinion of quantum scientists,People feel the heat because countless molecules move around the body in a wild manner,The feeling of hitting the body,On the contrary, it is cold in winter because the molecular heat movement is too gentle。
Jackson feels hot on his face now,But he wanted to use another method,Let face cool down。
This obviously doesn’t fit Old John’s idea。
“You do not deserve,You don’t deserve to witness history,Even more unworthy to apologize to my teacher。of course,I can’t stop you from passing through someone’s mouth,Come or truth!”
John·After Martinis spoke contemptuously enough to make Jackson feel self-destructive,I don’t even care about this proud young man,Turning his head towards the direction of the organizing committee,Keep saying:“I suggest to suspend this meeting first,On the one hand, everyone still has questions about the facts I just described.,Hope to verify the first time,We should satisfy everyone’s ideas;On the other hand, I hope the organizing committee can carefully review the qualifications of participants again,Thank you!”
Old John helped Jackson make the decision。
After hearing this almost humiliating remark,Jackson finally couldn’t stay on stage anymore,He stared at Old John,Say a word:“Mr Martinis,I hope you can remember this day and the words you just said。”
Finished,Jackson walked off the rostrum angrily,Walked towards the meeting room door。
“and many more。”
Hear the voice of old john,He paused,I was flushed when I turned my head,But I can still see a glimmer of expectation in my eyes。
Really scared this old man?
“Your coat,young people,Do you want to find someone to come in after you leave?”