“President Xia!You mean you have something to report to me?“Captain Tong was surprised,But he hesitated,I let my two colleagues avoid it。

Wait until the door is closed,Xia Jian took a breath,So I told him how Li Na texted him the night before,And how I got in61o8room,Wait process,Tell Captain Tong in detail。
Wait for Xia Jianyi to finish,Captain Tong said excitedly:“Thank you Mr. Xia!Your report is so timely,We happened to be stuck here,This case cannot be investigated at all,The most important thing is that the convenient hotel is loosely managed at night,I don’t even know who has been81o6room,This is just great,We can follow along,I believe this case will be solved soon。
“Captain Tong,I have a request for this,Can you see if…”Xia Jian wanted to speak but stopped,The words came to the lips,I feel unspeakable again,Swallowed back。
Captain Tong said with a smile:“You needn’t say,I understand what you mean,As long as it doesn’t touch the law,Everything is easy to say,But this case is a bit complicated,We may call you at any time,Please do not leave Pingdu in the near future,Cooperate with our work”
“Ok”Xia Jian readily agreed,So he got up and left the criminal police team。
Walking on the road,Enjoying the morning sun,Xia Jian felt relieved,He thinks he should have made a right choice。
Is walking,Suddenly a woman came behind“Hi!”Hello。
Xia Jian came back in a hurry,Bai Ruyu was smiling at him,He hurriedly asked:“Why are you here?Isn’t it time for work??”
“A bit burnt last night,So take leave in the morning,I want to visit the city hospital”Bai Ruyu said lightly。
This woman hasn’t seen you in a while,Xia Jian couldn’t help but glanced twice,I saw her in a light yellow suit with a short skirt,Two beautiful legs are set off in flesh-colored stockings,Emit a seductive light,Especially she is so black as a waterfall,Casually draped over your shoulders,The white face is red with a small and vermilion mouth,Look at Xia Jian。
“Hey!See you stupid,Do you see people like this??“Bai Ruyu gave Xia Jian an angry look。
Xia Jian just recovered,Hurriedly laughed:“How about I accompany me to the hospital!“
“Don’t don’t!You are the boss,Everyday,Don’t have time to spend time with someone like me“Bai Ruyu said,Bypassing Xia Jian and walked straight over。
Xia Jian is not stupid,He heard the meaning in Bai Ruyu’s words,She didn’t refuse to let him accompany her,But that Xia Jian doesn’t pay much attention to her,Only less contact。But it is true,Xia Jianyi has something,When you want to use others,Just know to go find her,Besides,He really didn’t take the initiative to date her。
Xia Jian ran after him,Said with a smiley face:“See what you said,No matter how busy,It doesn’t matter if you are sick,I’ll go with you“
Bai Ruyu did not refuse,But he said with a smile:“Carry,Since you accompany me,I can’t do nothing!“Bai Ruyu said,Put the small bag on her shoulder,Handed it to Xia Jian。Sometimes women are so cute,Two people walking and talking,Even save money for Dadi。