“OK!Just exercise“Lu Ying readily agreed。

So the two quickly walked towards the destination,I really haven’t met a few people along the way,It seems that the casino is set up here,Still quite safe。
Xia Jian started,But windy。Lu Ying is not weak,Follow Xia Jian closely。This woman said casually,The two of them struggled to walk for nearly half an hour,To see the outline of the orchard with the light。
Getting closer,When the wall of this orchard appeared in front of Xia Jian,There is still a little fear in his heart。
First1542chapter Night into the casino
Orchard in general,There is almost no wall。This may be in the suburbs,Close to the city,Why are there too many pedestrians?!The wall of this orchard is not as high,There is also barbed wire on it。
Lu Ying approached Xia Jian and whispered:“An orchard like this,If there is no problem。Unless the fruit inside is very unique,But what I see should be an apple tree!”
“Your analysis is too right,It seems it’s impossible for the two of us to go in through the main entrance,But there is barbed wire on the fence, which is not easy to handle“Xia Jian said worriedly。
Lu Ying pointed to the hardware shop across the road and said:“Where is the light on,You just let me try my luck“Lu Ying finished,Then rushed away。
There are only faint street lights in this ghost place,Makes people feel terrible。Xia Jian regrets bringing Lu Ying here,At first they had very little friendship,In case something happens,He can’t explain to Jones。
Xia Jian was thinking about this,People are looking for a breakthrough around this wall。Unconsciously,Xia Jian came to the big iron gate of this orchard。I saw a big iron lock locked from outside,It makes people feel like nobody in this orchard。
Xia Jian deliberately walked past the big iron gate,Inadvertently glanced inside。Through the gap of the big iron gate,Xia Jianneng vaguely felt,There should be a few pairs of eyes looking out of the big iron gate。
It seems that the security here is tight,They really can’t care。He walked to the other side of the iron gate and waited for Lu Ying,In a short while,Lu Ying ran over with a cloth bag in her hand,She laughed and said:“The problem is solved,Let’s act!“