“I gotta let‘Pigeon’Staring at Zhang Wenda,His grandma’s,There must be some fierce stuff about these two guys。”Xu Wen speaks,Take out the phone。

“Buddies,Can’t you help me,Stare Zhang Wenda to death,I have something wrong here。”
“What?!”Xu Wen suddenly raised the volume,His complexion immediately became serious,“Then you must pay attention to safety,Contact tomorrow morning,Then hang up。”
“what happened?”Shen Yingjie immediately heard something was wrong。
“‘Pigeon’Also moving around。You said it was a coincidence?Live to see a big head ghost!”
“What’s going on?”
“No time to elaborate,A few strangers came to his place just now,Want to trick him to open the door,Fortunately, this buddy is very alert,Also be prepared,Jumped off the patio and ran away。”
“Such a coincidence?Will Zhang Wenda have contact with these two groups??”
“do not know,I hope it’s just a coincidence,Otherwise it’s really scary。”
Wuchuan is only more than 40 kilometers away from Hohhot,Drove into the city in less than an hour,The two found a rather formal chain hotel,After repeatedly confirming that there is no tail,Check in first,Then changed clothes and went out to eat。
Come back at night,The two worked overtime to sort out the sketches they had drawn for a week,A dozen suspected pictures were screened out and registered one by one,Then destroy all the sketch paper。
“At most one night,in case‘Pigeon’Inconvenient there,Or no news,We have to find another way。”
“I think whether there is news or not,It’s better to go back to Wuchuan。”
“Is also an option,If it doesn’t work, change lines and change cars。”Xu Wenwen wants to ask instructors for help,At least I can give some pointers,But the instructor has not actively called,He has nothing,The instructors went to Honggu and Zhangjiaji in batches,Acting may be more hidden and dangerous,Report without major situation,Xu Wen can’t call。
“There are two places left, Woye and Fuming,If you look at Zhang Wenda again,Which goal they will choose。”
“Hard to say,The six northern towns in the Wei and Jin Dynasties were all built along the ancient Great Wall of the Northern Wei Dynasty,In order to fight against Rouran,It’s okay to follow this line,Woye Town in the West,Fuming Town in the East,I think the possibility of going east is great,Leaning on the northeast of Daqingshan,Actually it is the boundary of Montenegro,Mountain relief,More prairie,But the basalt danger summit suddenly uprooted,Strange terrain features,More in line with the conditions for treasure,It’s just far from the golden section。”