“That’s right!”Lin Yaqing looked at Xiao Fan who was sitting back again and said。

“Any words,You can just finish!”Xiao Fan said。
“You know i have something to tell you。”Lin Yaqing asked with a smile。
“of course,I still want to hear you give me an explanation!”Xiao Fan said。
When it comes to things on the plane,to be frank,Lin Yaqing is really embarrassed!
after all,On the plane, she didn’t plan to do it multiple times,What happened at the time was also temporary,only,At that time,She didn’t even know that the woman belonged to Lin Yoona。
so,That’s why there was such an oolong incident。
“Sunny Cultural Entertainment Company?Backed by the Ouyang family in the United States, right?!”Xiao Fan asked lightly。
“You investigate me?”Lin Yaqing asked with an unbelievable look。
Chapter six hundred and eighty Dark guard
“Investigate you?Ha ha ha,Lin Yaqing,Do you think i shouldn’t investigate you?”Xiao Fan said coldly。
“Ok,but,Although I don’t want to admit it,But don’t say no,The speed of your investigation is really fast。”Lin Yaqing said and gave a thumbs up to Xiao Fan’s direction。
Lin Yaqing’s words to Xiao Fan are absolutely sincere,Because Sunny Cultural Entertainment Co., Ltd.,It can be said that Lin Yaqing personally founded,During this time,She basically has never used any of Ouyang’s resources。
but,Despite this,She did not expect that Xiao Fan still found a relationship between Sunny Day Culture and Entertainment Co., Ltd. and the Ouyang family in the United States.。
and,Still in such a short time。
Count today,She is seeing Xiao Fan for the second time,According to a normal principle,The other party shouldn’t investigate her after she officially appeared in front of Lin Yoona。
but,I appeared in front of Lin Yoona today,When Xiao Fan knew about a relationship between himself and Lin Yoona,It’s just an afternoon that has passed。
but,It’s such a simple one afternoon,This man named Xiao Fan has already found out the relationship between Qingtian Culture and Entertainment Co., Ltd. and the United States.,It seems,There was nothing wrong with my first instinct before,This man is definitely not as simple as it seems。