Because he found,Parents seem to be getting older。

Logically,There are professional doctors from the secret medicine group,There is also nourishment of the heaven and earth here in Jingshen Valley,Parents shouldn’t think that old age is。
but,Lu Menglin feels like this,Maybe it’s been a long time since I went home,Old father and mother at home,Really older than before。
Lu Menglin stepped forward two steps,Took the needle and thread from mother,Gently through the eye of the needle。
“mom,I am back!”Lu Menglin said softly。
Mother was startled first,I saw my son came back,Got up quickly,So excited I don’t know what to say。
Lu Youshan also heard the movement,Turn around and have a look,Saw my son come back,Smiles all over my face suddenly。
He knows his son’s position is getting higher and higher,More and more capable,The burden on my shoulders is getting heavier,As small as this place of Jingshen Valley,As large as the entire Burma,Even the entire earth world,I don’t know how many people are fighting side by side with him。
and so,Lu Youshan is proud and proud of having such a son,At the same time, he tried his best not to disturb his son’s career and work。
Parents are old,Can do for my son,That’s it。
“dad!I am back!”Lu Menglin’s eyes are a little moist,Stepped forward and held his father’s arm。
“Good return!Just come back!You have many things,Come back to see us free,It’s not easy。”
“Chunqin,Hurry up and ask someone to bring the order,How many dishes do you cook,I have two drinks with my son!”Lu Youshan quickly ordered。
At this moment,Lu Menglin glanced at the dining table at home,I found leftovers left at noon on the table。
Just the simplest two dishes and half a bowl of soup,A stir-fried vegetable,A fried bean,There is also a loofah and egg drop soup。
“dad,mom,Why are you eating these?”Lu Menglin is a little unhappy。
He is the master of the Valley of Fright,One of the strongest humans,Master the two-world channel,Holding the power of a country,Hundreds of thousands of soldiers,There are hundreds of billions of assets under his name,But my parents are just plain rice,Such a contrast,It’s really unexpected,Can’t justify。