This is the old neighborhood,Like the back of the city,It is in stark contrast to the neatness and cleanliness of the hospital。

There is a mess of clutter on the side of the road,Squeezed most of the road that was not too wide。
Drying clothes on the balconies on both sides,Water stains can drip directly onto the road,When pedestrians pass by, always have to worry about it,I’m afraid I’ll get wet when I don’t pay attention。
Go further in,The darker the light,The space is getting narrower。And there is a strange musty smell。
Uncle seems a little worried that Lu Menglin will look down on this place,Look back from time to time,Remind him to pay attention to the road and overhead,As if there are traps everywhere。
Lu Menglin knows what uncle is worried about,Casually smiled:“If I didn’t see it with my own eyes,I really didn’t expect there to be such a place in Dajingcheng,Almost catching up with Liufang’s staff dormitory。”
“Uncle, do you remember?When I was young,You always take me to play,Singing while riding a bike。”Lu Menglin said。
Uncle smiled embarrassedly,He was very young then,Came to Liufang for a while,It’s a pity that I didn’t choose it when I recruited,Had to go back to the country。
While staying at sister’s house,Probably his happiest time。
It’s a pity the good times don’t last long,Heavy field work,The hardships and hardships of life,Makes my uncle’s face age a lot earlier,Even the temples have been dyed white。
He is not afraid of hardship,But I’m afraid of hardship and I can’t make money!
It’s getting worse and worse in rural areas,Sometimes I don’t make much money throughout the year,A pair of children are still waiting to be fed,He has to come out and find something to do!
Although she is taking care of her sick mother,But all the expenses are borne by the Lu family,This makes my uncle feel a little sad,He also wants to straighten up and be a man,But there is no way。
“Arrived!My family lives here。”Uncle pointed to a doorway ahead,Said happily。