simply put,It is these two people who passed this grip,Both feel that the other party has the ability to hurt themselves,So it separates like an electric shock,This is a physical instinct,Don’t want to expose your body to the opponent’s attack range。

“Worthy of being the chief instructor of the Iron Lion army,There is something!”Pang Yuandao, the middle-aged man with long hair and shawl, smiled,Smiled for the first time。
Lu Menglin was also a little bitter in his heart,This person deserves to be an Ouchi master,Unfathomable strength,I’m afraid it’s not just Gang Jin cultivation base,But a master who stepped into the Dan Dao。
And this person obviously still has spare energy,Especially the big wooden box he held,Don’t know what’s in it,Most likely his weapon。
A Dan Jin master who makes weapons,What a terrible lethality will erupt?Lu Menglin has never seen it before,I don’t want to see it at this time!
Pang Yuandao took a deep look at Lu Menglin,Take the initiative to say:“A good young man like you,Should go back to the army to exercise,Bright future!Not for a fight of will,Bet on life and death,This is too wasteful。”
I heard what Pang Yuandao said,Many of the people present were slightly stunned。
Because this person’s identity is too special,He is the person next to the leader,his words,in a certain sense,Can be used as an important reference to the true intentions of big leaders。
Pang Yuandao appeared here,It means that even the leaders know about this gambling fight,And it doesn’t sound like you really want Lu Menglin to continue the duel,But hope he will return to the army,The meaning of maintenance here is actually quite obvious。
Lu Menglin shrugged,Smiled:“Nothing worthless,Just walk for the sky。Some things are obviously rotten,It’s you big people who are not willing to do it,Then only me, a common man, will come by myself。”
Pang Yuandao heard this sentence,Can’t help but frown,Sneered:“I see you are young,It’s not easy to develop a skill,I’m so kind to persuade you,You really think you can do it for the sky?Really ridiculous!
If all martial arts practitioners all over the world think like you,Prohibition by force,Is there any national law??”
Lu Menglin only heard these two sentences from the master insider,I know that the words are not speculative,There is nothing to talk about with people like him!
At this moment,General Li Qingsong said:“Lu Menglin,I am entrusted to preside over this gambling fight,Do you agree?”
Lu Menglin shrugged his shoulders indifferently,There are so many eyes staring,Duel,Life and death,Win is live,Lose is die,Nothing to judge。And even if Li Qingsong is really biased in the referee rules,I can break it by myself。
“it is good!If you have no opinion,Then please show your bet,A total of six billion dollars!”General Li Qingsong shouted。
Originally in his official capacity,It’s not appropriate to host this kind of gambling,But this gambling fight is related to the life and death of a big family in China,High-level vibration,Hope he will host,Coordinate from it,Keep the development of the situation under control。
That’s why General Li Qingsong came here,In order to prevent uncontrollable situation,He also specially invited the master Pang Yuandao to come。
This remark,The surrounding audience craned their necks,Even though they are all children of the big race,But no one has really seen such a big bet of six billion dollars。