If it is really a stand-in,I don’t need birds then,But his deity is here,You will take it seriously then。

“Ha ha,Take seriously,How to treat it?He has the capital to take down the neighboring village,What about?”
Qin Feng really doesn’t care about these,Because if he estimates it,The village next door,That is no capital at all。
I really thought I wanted to compete with him,Is that such an easy thing?
“Ugh。”Lin Qianqian doesn’t think Qin Feng’s attitude is right,Not many people know the power of capital better than someone from a capital family like her。
It can be said,After so many years, Qin Feng made her family fall into the sand,If I change to another person,Already conquered by the Lin family。
Many things are beyond words,After all, many situations are so special。
Qin Feng didn’t care about Lin Qianqian’s attitude either,He just keeps his life habits,As for other things,He really doesn’t want to bother so much。
After all tossing so hard,There is no need。
Seeing Qin Feng’s expression,Lin Qianqian feels helpless inside,Can’t this guy feel a little threatened??
Although Lin Qianqian doesn’t have that much thought,But it doesn’t mean she really wants to see her project fail。
I’m just meeting someone like Qin Feng who can’t do anything about it,All she can do is accept her fate。
Jiang Yan really likes Qin Feng’s lifestyle,So in the afternoon I happily came over to cook for Qin Feng。
“The pool place,I have already chosen,As long as there are no accidents,Construction will start in two days。”
Qin Feng chose a place specially,He bought that place at his own expense。
As for where the money comes from,Naturally came from his salary。
How can I say that this time has passed almost a month,He got a salary of one million,No one can do anything to him。
I heard Qin Feng’s words,Jiang Yan’s expression was a bit hesitant:“How much is that place?”