I’m not yet talking,Xia Chenglong’s figure has disappeared from the place。

Although I can’t control my body right now,But the outside world Xia Chenglong can still feel,This is what Jian Chen deliberately did。
Familiar feeling,No marginal blackness,And all kinds of ugly roars,They are continuously falling,Finally fell on a plane。
A low and hoarse voice appeared:“Oh~Humanity,Do not,You are Jian Chen,You are still alive?”
From the first comfort to the surprise and timidity behind,It is enough to see how powerful this Jian Chen man was at the time。
“You are still alive,Of course i am alive。”
“Do not,You’re already dead,I thought I could kill me with the help of a physical body?”
“is it?”Jian Chen sneered,“Dark Lord,Do you think you are still who you were??”
Dark Lord?
He met the Black Demon before,That is already very powerful,This guy must be stronger。
This is their level?
Xia Chenglong suddenly found that he still knew too little about the world。
“Hahaha,indeed,I weakened a lot,And thanks to you!”
Speaking of which,You can clearly feel the anger underground,The other party seems to be roaring and bumping,Want to break free of the shackles here。
“You don’t have to struggle,Since the old man is here,Then it will never let you exist,Today is your anniversary。”
“Do not,You can’t kill me,You can’t kill me……what……”
The Dark Lord became more manic,Around them, the black demon energy converged in a direction not far away.。
Then a fuzzy figure appeared diagonally above them。