Artificial intelligence, block chain application eye-catching institutions visited Guangdian Yuntong hundreds of times

Artificial intelligence, block chain application eye-catching institutions visited Guangdian Yuntong hundreds of times

Original Title: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Application “Eye-catching” Institutions Hundreds of “Visits” to Radio and Television Express During the Year Source: Securities Daily reporter Xu Tianxiao Intern Yu Junyi The advent of the financial and financial era, financial institutions and technology companies have become newEmerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and blockchain continue to be deeply expanded in the financial field.

  ”Securities Daily” reporter combed and found that just last week (December 9 to December 13), a total of 78 listed companies received a survey of fund companies, securities companies, overseas institutions, sunny private equity, insurance companies and other institutions.

Among them, GuangDong YunTong received a survey of 27 institutions, which is the most investigated company among technology companies.

  Obviously yes, research by organizations “groups” has been the normal state of this year’s radio and television operations.

From the statistics of Oriental Fortune Choice, the reporter found that it has received a total of 126 research institutes this year.

  The organization group “Go to the Door”, Radio and Television Express, and has become one of the world’s fastest growing fintech markets.

The use of big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cloud computing and other core technologies has played an important role in reducing financial transaction costs, improving customer experience, and promoting the compliance and security construction of technology companies and financial institutions.

  A top official of a bank told the Securities Daily reporter: “In using fintech to solve banking problems, financial institutions should strengthen cooperation with fintech companies, and more actively participate in the fintech ecosystem.

In the development of the fintech industry, there are many innovative models of cooperation between various institutions to try.

“In order to continuously improve the pace of technological innovation in financial institutions, many institutions frequently exchange and cooperate with fintech companies.

“Securities Daily” reporter combed and found that just last week (December 9 to December 13), the science and technology company Guangdian Yuntong received a survey of 27 institutions, exchanges around the company’s strategic upgrade landing situation, comparative advantages and so on.
  Obviously, this year, several agencies have organized a group visit “Guangdong Radio and Television Express”.

  The reporter combed and found that in March of this year, China Merchants Securities and other 14 financial institutions went to GuangDong Yuntong to conduct research and exchange applications and development potential of artificial intelligence and big data technologies in smart financial solutions; In August, Industrial Securities, Haitong Securities, Northeast ChinaSecurities, Guangfa Securities and other 28 institutions investigated Guangdian Express; In November, more than 60 investors of ICBC Headquarters and local branches, ICBC International Private Bank entered Guangdian Express, regarding the application of new technologies in banksCommunicate well.

  Relevant person in charge of Broadcasting and Television Express told the reporter of Securities Daily: “Since this year, our company has received many batches of investigations.

Large-scale acquisitions, the company is in the key development period of strategic upgrades and the landing of results. Many institutions hope to visit the corporate entity and experience the actual products and solutions; instead, the maturity of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Chinese economy has ushered in a smart transformationDuring the critical period of the upgrade, many institutions have actively communicated with us in terms of specific technical implementation.

“Artificial intelligence + blockchain helps Fintech It is understood that Guangdian Express started from the domestic bank ATM market and independently developed the core technology of banknote recognition.

At present, the company’s intelligent financial application solutions have promoted the application of many traditional financial institutions’ core technology in financial technology.

  The person in charge stated that the current intelligent upgrade of outlets is an important direction for the intelligent transformation of banks.

At present, there are about 230,000 physical outlets in the Chinese banking industry, and the amount of intelligent upgrades in individual outlets is in the hundreds of thousands.

If calculated based on a neutral value of 500,000 yuan, the scale of Bank of China’s intelligent upgrade will reach 115 billion yuan.

Obviously a huge blue ocean.

  Guangdian Express has a first-mover advantage in helping bank branch conversion.

Data from the semi-annual report for 2019 shows that the company’s smart financial operating income12.

60,000 yuan, an annual increase of 39.


In the field of smart counter equipment, Guangdian Express has been shortlisted by state-owned banks such as Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Postal Savings Bank and other joint-stock banks such as Industrial Bank and SPDB.

  In addition, according to reports, the company has vigorously developed blockchain, and related 重庆耍耍网 technologies have gradually been applied to agricultural digital asset circulation, industrial supply chain financial services, digital asset trading, government blockchain government affairs sharing, government fund flow management, government investment project supervision, etc. “Six major scene areas. ”

  Among them, in the financial field, the “blockchain-based supply chain financial service platform” is one of the research results of the broadcasting chain technology of GuangDong Yuntong. The principle of technology application is to trade related data of core companies in the supply chain and upstream and downstream companiesThe encryption is recorded in the blockchain system, which gives the data uncorrectable modification characteristics, thereby eliminating the information asymmetry between small and medium-sized enterprises and banks, and solving the pain points of the industry in the past, which is difficult to control the risk of manual credit verification.

Based on this platform, banks have greatly reduced risks, whether they are pre-lending audits or post-lending monitoring; SMEs have simpler, more credible online loan verification processes and are more likely to receive reduced loans.