Mixed with pear juice and blackberry juice can cure dry cough

Mixed with pear juice and blackberry juice can cure dry cough

According to legend, when the Emperor Xiaozong went to the south of the Yangtze River, he suffered from diarrhea because of craving for crabs. He took several Chinese medicines in succession. Although his condition improved, he could not get rid of the root.

I saw blood in my stool a few days later. At this time, the governor of Hubei recommended a folk doctor to see the emperor.

After inquiring about his illness, he asked people to pick up fresh soup, smash it, heat it with wine, and let Xiaozong take it.

Soon, Xiaozong’s illness was cured.

  Chinese medicine believes that it is cold and sweet.

It has the functions of cooling blood, dispersing stasis, curing fever and irritability, vomiting blood, hot shower, etc .; it can nourish blood, stop diarrhea, and strengthen the spleen and appetizer.

The single test prescription based on radon is widely used in clinical practice and has a good effect.

For example, take fresh cup of juice every morning and evening to take half a cup, to treat tuberculosis bleeding, postpartum bleeding, and nasal bleeding.

In addition, stir-fry the raw scallion and take the juice, add an appropriate amount of honey, stir well, and take it in portions to cure the fever and thirst; half a cup of simmering juice and pear juice, and take it uniformly to cure the sputum fever and dry cough.

  The connecting part is called pupa, which contains aspartin, synthetic substances, etc., and has high medicinal value.

Jie and Xiong are roughly similar in terms of sexual taste and function, but Liejie focuses on hemostatic effect.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen is flat, sweet and astringent. It can shorten bleeding time, stop bleeding and stasis, cure coughing blood, vomiting blood, hematuria, blood in the stool, and uterine bleeding.

For example, mash the sacral juice and drip 3-4 drops in the nose, 2-3 times a day, to treat nosebleeds; 40 g decoction, 2 servings a day, to treat traumatic anterior chamber hemorrhage; take sacral sectionThe inside of the beard must be 40g. After baking, add 1g of borneol.

Bleeding the affected nostril every time after taking the medicine, once every 2 hours, cure nasal polyps; wash and clean the raw salamander, and marinate with salt for 2 weeks.

When used, take the pupa, rinse with boiled water, and take it one time each time, taking twice a day to treat acute sore throat.

  Tincture and tincture are peaceful, and there are few toxic and side effects in clinical application, so it can be used with confidence.