How to disassemble the Roewe 750 gasoline filter element

The air conditioner filter element is installed at the back of the co -driver glove box. The air conditioning filter element must first open the glove box cover.

Find the fixed buckle on the right side of the glove box and pull out the outside. Remove the fixed buckle of the glove box cover and remove it.

Use both hands to squeeze both sides of the glove box to the middle, and the glove box can be taken down. Take off the glove box to see the air conditioner filter cover plate. Press the fixed buckle on both sides of the cover plate, the cover can be removed, and the old air conditioner filter element is pulled out of the outside.

It is recommended to replace the professional maintenance stores, and it is not recommended to do it by itself to avoid damage to vehicle components. First find the position of the fuel filter, and then pull the fuel filter from the installation bracket. Due to the existence of pressure in the fuel system, in order to avoid fuel injection or fire accidents when disassembling the filter, we must release the pressure in the fuel system before disconnecting the fuel pipeline.

It is best to choose the next morning when replacing the fuel filter (in the cold car), because at this time, the oil pressure in the fuel system is small, and there are fewer gasoline flowing out of the filter.

Shanghai Automobile Roewe 750 is full and elegant, with infinite kinetic energy; elegant curve forging tension and powerful hood surface, classic shield -shaped grille design, with the large inlet cover at the bottom The famous monks have no sight. Coupled with the unique shield -shaped logo inherited, adhering to the classic British style and combining Chinese elements, it also shows the king’s spirit.

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